Friday, June 12, 2009

Toledo Starts The End Of Analog TV

Since we're still up at this hour...

OMW readers in Toledo tell us that ABC O&O WTVG/13 "13abc" has become the first commercial station in that market to end the analog broadcasting era.

We hear that WTVG "pulled the analog switch" going into a commercial break on its late newscast, at just after 12:30 AM. Just under five minutes later, we hear the new digital signal on RF channel 13 made its debut.

The switch had been scheduled for about 12:07 AM, but WTVG's late news was pushed late due to overtime in the NBA Finals Game 4 between the Los Angeles Lakers and...oh, whatever that team was that knocked the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the playoffs.

As we noted earlier, it appears the 2:05 AM switch planned for Toledo NBC affiliate WNWO/24 "NBC24" is off, and the Barrington Broadcasting station will do its analog shutoff after Game 7 of the NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs - featuring the nearby Detroit Red Wings.

We don't know hockey enough to know if the game's extra periods could extend past midnight, but it doesn't matter.

Even if the two teams are somehow still playing after 11:59 PM on Friday night (which we guess would be unlikely), both WNWO and Youngstown market NBC affiliate WFMJ/21 would be forced to dump their analog signals before midnight. There's no exemption in FCC rules for popular sporting events...


  1. WCPO just flipped their switch at 12:53 AM.

    At the TSMW/TSDTW HQ in the Northern Kentucky suburbs, Insight Cable did its job precisely as they were supposed to. As analog 9 signed off, Insight's RETV channel which is on cable channel 9 actually came in clear of any interference, and the WCPO signal on channel 8 went to digital.

  2. WKRC-TV Cincinnati is now totally off air, both analog and digital, to facilitate their flash-cut from RF 31 to RF 12. They are expected to return to the air by 5 AM.

    It is unclear whether this will mean the return of the interference from 12 to Insight Cable 12...which currently is, and is supposed to be, broadcasting CSPAN 2 at this writing (1:47 AM). Before, analog WKRC interfered so much with CSPAN 2, you could not watch it without enduring massive video interference from WKRC. Would assume though that digital means that the interference is nil for CSPAN 2 once the switch is complete...

  3. And indeed, following a call to the local phone bank...the response to the question is no, CSPAN 2 will remain clear of interference from the new WKRC-DT 12.


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