Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last One Standing

(The below is a reprint of part of an item which appeared on OMW earlier today:)

We'll have a one-week-out update on (this) blog later this week.

For now, just one note...we have confirmation that at least one Cleveland market TV station will be waiting until the very last minute, literally, to shut off its analog signal.

Western Reserve PBS station manager and OMW reader Bill O'Neil checks in to let us know that the PBS station's Akron outlet, WEAO/49, will retire the analog 49 transmitter at 11:59 PM on June 12th.

OMW already reported that at least the four major commercial network affiliates in the Cleveland market - WKYC/3, WEWS/5, WJW/8 and WOIO/19 (along with sister WUAB/43) - are planning to end analog transmissions at 10 AM that day.

We've also heard, but not confirmed, that Univision O&O WQHS/61 will shut off the analog side of their facility at 11 PM that evening.

Back to WEAO, where there won't be much to do other than shut off analog 49 just before midnight the night of June 12th/morning of June 13th. The station continues digitally, post-transition, with its existing facility on RF channel 50, and no other changes will need to be made.

And of course, Western Reserve PBS' other outlet, Youngstown-market WNEO/45 Alliance, has been operating in digital-only mode since last November...


  1. it would be nice to recieve 45/49 at my home I guess thant I will have to get a rotor added to my antenna to pick up the signal.

  2. What about ION affiliate WVPX? What time do they plan on shutting down?

    Just wondering because as WVPX never had a digital signal, how much time will they be off air to get that digital signal on the air.


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