Tuesday, June 9, 2009


An E-mail from an OMW reader far from Parma sent us sprinting to our nearest digital TV, and yes, it's true...

After a wait of many years, the full-power WVIZ-DT facility has made its first appearance.

At the OMW World Headquarters, about 20 air miles from the Parma antenna farm, WVIZ-DT is providing a strong signal into our 2nd floor HDTV digital tuner, which is being fed by an indoor amplified antenna.

It's also an easy catch on our Zenith converter box feeding a downstairs TV.

And the reader who tipped us off to WVIZ-DT's full power debut says he is in Salem.

A note: Don't be at all surprised if the signal goes off at some point later. There could well be more adjustments and testing.

But we'd guess that the folks at ideastream want to keep this on the air with as few interruptions as possible, even at its debut...

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  1. Yesssssss!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy to finally have the WVIZ digital signal here in Cleveland (Tremont)!!!! Thank you for the many updates along the way OMW!


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