Friday, June 5, 2009

Parma Activity

We may well miss all the activity, but ODTV hears that if you're interested in watching activity involving a new digital TV antenna...Broadview Road in Parma is the place to be this Friday afternoon. (Any regular OMW/ODTV reader needs no help finding the location.)

It is, of course, one week out from the official end of full-power analog TV, and both stations camped out on that new tower hope to start up brand new full-power digital facilities...soon.

To that end, we're hearing rumblings that you might try to scan for a more powerful PBS signal "as soon as tomorrow", if all the activity goes as planned...


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  2. I have been following your blog for sometime.. Thanks for your updates. Hopefully, I can start getting PBS by tomorrow. I did a scan few minutes back on my mythtv software and it detected 5 channels; WVIZ-HD (25.1), WVIZ-Oh (25.2), WVIZ-Wo (25.3), WVIZ-Cr (25.4) and CRRS (25.9). I was not able to get a lock on any of them. I never saw these channels before. Something is happening. I live in Mentor, OH and I have an antenna in my attic.

  3. I read an article on about a woman who lived in Bay and couldn't get WOIO-DT or WVIZ-DT- I am hoping to get WVIZ when they start broadcasting at their new tower, but I am not holding my breath on WOIO-DT. I have heard they have a request into the FCC to up their signal strength. I put an FM trap on my indoor antenna and I still can't get WOIO-DT (3.1 is broadcasting on channel 10).

    Aside from it look funny in my living room, would having an outdoor antenna inside work? I was looking at this antenna by Winegard-

    I have a large living room window/sliding door that I can point an antenna toward the Parma farm through.


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