Thursday, June 11, 2009


At this writing, the new WKYC-DT facility on RF channel 17 is lit up now, and is putting a strong signal into the digital tuners at the OMW World Headquarters, located next to Bruce Wayne's mansion somewhere in western or northern Summit County. (We get out of here via a bat cave, too, you know.)

We'd checked as recently as late morning, when a reader told us he'd been receiving the new WKYC-DT. We looked, didn't see a signal on RF 17, and did a rescan just to be sure...but now, it's up and running.

Just judging by the rudimentary signal level meters on our digital tuners and boxes, WKYC-DT is a "notch" stronger than the other occupant of that new tower we made famous on Broadview Road in Parma, WVIZ-DT/25 (RF 26). It's not that WVIZ-DT has any trouble locking in here, but WKYC-DT is a bit stronger (and given the power levels for each post-transition signal, that's not at all surprising).

A caution here: This could well be a day for testing for WKYC-DT at RF channel 17. We would not at all be surprised to see the signal go away, come back, go away, etc., through early Friday morning, as tuning and adjustment is being done.

But if you have a digital tuner or converter box, check out the signal now, scan it in, and you'll be more than ready for whatever happens in the next 24 hours.

By the way, our signal meter on our Zenith converter box is still picking up a weak signal out of the pre-transition RF 2 signal for WKYC-DT, though we imagine that it's not carrying the PSIP information that'd make it appear on converter boxes at this point...


  1. I'm suddenly getting WOIO-DT here in Cuyahoga Falls, which I was never able to get before. Did they make a change too?

  2. Down here in NE Wayne County WKYC has never been a problem for me. As long as you had all the longest elements on your antenna RF 2 was solid as a rock.

    I've been watching OTA digital for 2 years now and the only problem child has been WOIO I usually turn the rotor eastward towards Youngstown when I need a solid CBS HD signal.

    Since Paul mentioned getting WOIO for the first time I checked mine. Normally it drops out in a rainstorm (and intermittently in good weather) but even tho it is drizzling I'm still getting a lock. The signal strength is only a 32 but I have a solid lock.

  3. I am enjoying my first night with any WKYC reception here in Lucas (near Mansfield). Awesome.

  4. As of yesterday afternoon at 4pm we had no WOIO and WKYC in Avon Lake at the lake by the power station. WVIZ was in full glory though.

    I will have to recheck tomorrow with my Grandma to see if anything changed with the switch over

  5. WKYC IS TERRIBLE IN WAYNE COUNTY!!!!! I cant even watch the hockey game!


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