Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Towering Over Parma

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It's funny, how we've become the focal point of information about the under construction tower that'll hold the digital TV antennas for WKYC and ideastream PBS affiliate WVIZ/25.

And for that matter, it's amusing how many people are deeply interested in the project. We get about a half-dozen E-mails about that tower each week.

We haven't visited our friends along the Parma street next to the WKYC transmitter site for a while now...but readers tell us the tower "is about half done".

One of our readers says it doesn't look like the tower will be completed by "mid-May", the date WVIZ gave in an FCC filing as the time they expect to be able to mount an antenna and start testing.

The other excitedly told us - "it's about half done!". Different perspectives, we guess.

And of course, June 12th is the "big" day...when both WKYC's analog channel 3 and WVIZ's analog channel 25 are gone, and the digital signals from the new tower are expected to start.

Later on (this) blog, we'll share our pictures from a few weeks ago...which show one important aspect of the tower construction that should clear up the timeline....


  1. It depends upon the individual viewpoint whether the glass is half full, or half empty. At the end of the day, it will only matter that WVIZ TV 25 and WKYC TV 3 are broadcasting in digital at full power by June 12th. Until then, be patient folks - digital tv will be the norm in a blink of an eye.

    - Andrew, -

  2. Great point Andrew! It only matters that the stations meet the deadline...not if they beat it. If they beat the deadline, that's a bonus because the stations can test the signals.


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