Friday, April 17, 2009

Analog Shutdown Wave, Second Group

The latest wave of analog TV shutdowns got underway Thursday, as April 16th was the first day that non-public TV outlets could go off the air before the moved digital TV deadline of June 12th.

Here in Northeast Ohio, a before/after check of Trinity Broadcasting O&O WDLI/17 Canton shows that the incredibly snowy analog channel 17 picture we saw last night was gone by this morning.

OMW reader and digital TV follower Rich Emery down in Hamilton(!), near Cincinnati, tells us he watched WDLI's TBN sister station in the Dayton/Cincinnati region - WKOI/43 Richmond IN - dump its analog carrier without fanfare at "exactly" 11:59 PM last night.

We haven't heard if TBN's new O&O in the Columbus market, WSFJ/51 Newark, did the same, though we'll assume they did.

On the commercial side, Wheeling/Steubenville is now an all-digital market, as Cox NBC affiliate WTOV/9 Steubenville made the switch at 12:30 PM Thursday. We're told the analog signal went away at that point, and the digital version of WTOV moved to RF channel 9 about five minutes later.

WTOV's competitor in the market, West Virginia Media CBS/Fox/ABC affiliate WTRF/7 Wheeling WV, made an identical change back on February 17th...also moving its temporary digital signal to a new permanent home on the old analog channel...


  1. It appears from here near Hilliard, that 51 WSFJ analog is no more, as well.

  2. Down here in Columbus,

    WSFJ Analog 51 is in deed dark.. Verified it up here in NW Columbus.

    Also, while I am scanning the analog airwaves.. WOSU 34 which was to go dark earler has done so too!

    That leaves us with just NBC4, ABC6, CBS10, Low Power Chs 19, 23, 32 and 48 left in analog.

  3. Hey there, have we gotten a list of what time the stations intend to turn off their analog signals come June 12.

    I was watching the Tyra Banks show today and WJW ran their obligatory DTV crawl. The time for transmitter shutoff is June 12 at 10AM.

    Just thought everyone should know.

  4. dmking,

    Excellent idea. It'll take some digging, but I know where to find all the times.

    Watch this blog, and I'll have up the list sometime in the next few days...

    --The Management

  5. OMW...

    Are you hearing any possibility of current digital signals being boosted prior the June trigger date?

    As my trees have leafed out, I've totally lost 43-1 and 2. Channel 5 is getting a bit iffy.

    Now the DTV users are going to understand those Time Warner commercials that bashed satellite provider's signals during heavy rain and snow.

  6. Wayne,

    Not really, except in the prospect of stations "maximizing" to their new facilities post-transition...some of them are getting approval to light those up early (much like WNEO/Alliance did a while back).

    But here's your bad news: WUAB is not planning any maximization or upgrades. Raycom considers the 200kw facility on DT 28 its final, post-transition facilities.

    So, unless they file later for any changes - you're stuck with what you get now from WUAB, basically. If anyone to the southwest was getting interference from Columbus' Fox affiliate, WTTE analog 28, that went away in February.

    WEWS-DT will eventually add a little more power, but it's already a pretty decent stick at nearly 900kw. The increase (1000kw) won't be all that big. That work will happen over the summer, with WEWS operating a temporary facility at its current power until it's done.

    We believe there's a height increase in there as well.

    --The Management


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