Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome To Ohio Digital TV

As hinted a few weeks ago, we're finally live with a separate blog on the topic of digital TV in the state of Ohio.

It's April 2nd, and though some stations have plans to turn off analog signals in the next couple of weeks (and some already have), the majority of Ohio's television stations will keep airing both analog and digital signals until June 12th.

Between now and then, we expect a smattering of news about the transition.

We don't expect the same flow of news we got in the month or two before Congress moved the national digital TV transition from February 17th.

But we realize regular OMW readers with little interest in the transition are sometimes overwhelmed by our information and attention to the here's a place that we can go "whole hog" with DTV news without flooding the regular Mighty Blog of Fun(tm).

By the way, for those who happened to find their way here first, this blog is indeed a part of the Expanding Ohio Media Watch Blog Empire. (Can one build an empire based on free blogs, anyway? Yes, please think of us with tongue firmly planted in cheek when talking about, well, us.)

A massive team of digital TV reporters contribute to this report, led by the quasi-anonymous presence known as "Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm)". Or "the guy who actually writes this stuff".

Take the information here as you should take any information you find on the Internet - with a grain of salt or two. (Like, for example, the word "massive" in the previous sentence.)

We do intend to continue to uphold the editorial standards we've held over the past nearly four years on OMW. We strive for accuracy, and properly annotated sources. If something's a rumor or a "rumbling", we make it quite clear, and you can make your own decision whether to believe it.

Anyway, we'll continue to publish links to DTV news on the main OMW blog, but with very rare exception, the details will be here. Later, just to get this rolling, we'll copy over some recent items from OMW.



  1. I'll jump on board.even if I donot comment much.

  2. I have a digital question about WFMJ Youngstown and this looks like the best place to do it. :)

    I watch the station on both analog and digital (via DirecTV) and I see the following every time I watch NBC programming on WFMJ:

    Analog: The NBC shows that are broadcast on widescreen are shown in that format.

    Digital: The NBC shows that are broadcast on widescreen are shown in fullscreen unless the DTV scroll or school closings are on the screen, then it goes to widescreen the way its supposed be until the scroll is gone and it's back to full screen.

    Is this something that'll get fixed before the transition or will I just have to start watching NBC programming online after the transition to avoid the (admittedly annoying) switch between fullscreen and widescreen?

  3. Well, I consider the digital transmission switchover as important - its almost as important of the development of color broadcasting. Or to be fair, the invention of television itself. Its a building block.

    Oh, while I think about it, 'THIS' has finally debut on WUAB 43.2. Looks okay, but they don't seem to have their 'closed-caption' ability up yet. However, the programming looks promising.

    - Andrew, -

  4. like your new blog. keep up the excellence!!

  5. Does anyone think that ONN would be a great addition to someone's subchannel? (Cleveland's WEWS already has periodic updates from ONN on their newscasts.)

    Also, when WTRF (Wheeling) shut down their analog, I immediately gained 3 new channels because the digital signal was much more powerful than the analog.

    I guess the fun is not only getting new channels, but seeing just how far away the channels are from your antenna. Oh, and they are FREE....WooHoo!

    So far, the farthest away (digital) is channel 52.1 in Sandusky and channel 27 in Bowling Green. Weekends I sometimes get Columbus, but they do not stay around long.

  6. Watching this all from Pittsburgh PA. I used to live in Cleveland and I like following the developments.

    At my location I still get Youngstown, Steubenville, Wheeling and Alliance.

    Update in Pittsburgh:
    Ch. 16 (DT26), 22(DT42) and 53(DT43) have dropped analog and are all digital.

    Ch. 2(DT25)(ABC), 4(DT51)(ABC) and 11(DT48)(NBC) are going the distance to June 12th.

    PBS CH 13 dropped analog on April 1. They are supposed to flash-cut from DT38 back to DT13 but that hasn't happened yet. When it does, sister station 16/DT26 will move to DT38.

    Ch. 19 remains analog only until June 12 when it will occupy DT11 when 11 drops analog. It's a long story.

    Jeff - N3EVN

  7. It is hard to keep the channel changes straight. I live in the Se corner of Stark County (between Canton and Dover). I can pick up Pittsburgh- 11's digital and 22's digital- but only from time to time. Usually they will come in together- are they transmitting from the same tower?

    Looking forward to June when this nonsense will end. Hoping to get more Pittsburgh channels then. Does anyone know if channel 2 and 4 will have more power when they switch, just like when channel 7 did?

  8. Pittsburgh Ch. 2, 4, 11, 22, 40 and 53 are all at their full DT power now as far as I can see. They only need to pull the analog plug and that's it. No flash-cut. 22 and 53 have dropped analog already.

    Interesting note, I used to get 7 out of Wheeling on analog and have yet to get it in digital. It could be me.

    Also note that all digital signals are much less in power than their analog counterparts. Check out for the full spreadsheet.

    Jeff - N3EVN

  9. Just a little update, WUAB 43.2 now has its 'closed-captioning' functioning. So things go well there. Its also possible that RTV will hit the local sub-channel market sometime after the June switchover when everyone goes full power with their digital signals. Anyone want to bet a can of Dr. Pepper on that one?-)

    - Andrew, -

  10. I thought Channel 43.2 THIS TV had solved their 'closed-captioning' situation, but its apparent they have not...less time on, more times non-functioning. Hey Raycom, get your act together on 'Closed-Captioning', there are people with hearing disorders or don't want the volume up for other reasons. You've got no excuse - FIX IT!!!

    - Andrew, -


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